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Black and blue: the Queensland edition


Cairns black marlin report:

After a first juvie black marlin off Cairns for 2015 was reported to me at the start of last week, it didn’t take too long for a few more to start popping up. Capt. Darren “Biggles” Haydon at the wheel of Bounty Hunter got their season tally off to a great start releasing three from five little black marlin this week. Biggs says that they also boated 14 mackerel to 20lb – all awesome action on the light tackle.

Gold Coast blue marlin report:

We heard a little bit about Kestelle the other day but I had a catch up report from Michael Shadbolt yesterday.  Michael reports that they fished on Sunday with Jan Crutch at the helm who put his guests onto 4 blue marlin from 8 bites. On Tuesday Steven “Hoggy” Haygarth took over the wheel for 2 marlin from a phenomenal 12 bites, fishing the lighter line class with Karl Heke who had never caught a marlin before catching both.

Michael reports that most fish over the two days were around 170kg  with a few over 200kg.

And Capt. Matt Johnson’s Gypsy also fished Wednesday for a blue too. Talk about notching up numbers. Conor Lynch spent another few days on deck with Garry and James Holt on French Look, including for James’ most recent pending blue marlin record, and raised 20 blues, switched 19, with one on 8kg the pending Australian record. Of the others 10 were on 4kg, 6 on 8kg and 3 on 6kg!


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