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Great Marlin Race Update


Aussie black marlin streak ahead!

As if it was ever in any doubt ;-)

The latest update from the IGFA has revealed that an estimated 1100lb black marlin tagged on board Kalira in the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic leg of the Great Marlin Race on October 28 last year has popped up after the fish traveled an outstanding 5,716nm.  This is the longest distance a marlin in the race has ever traveled. (Read the original tag report here.)

Our own Dr. Fish (Dr. Julian Pepperell) calculates that this means the fish covered an average of just over 30nm in a day (straight line) over the 180 days! How’s that for traveling!

More on the IGFA website.

Australian black marlin now occupy 4 of the 5 top placings in the event!

Interestingly that although this is the longest distance traveled in the great marlin race, its not the furthest one of our black marlin has swum. A juvenile black marlin estimated at about 15kg was tagged in Cairns and traveled 7847nm over 4 years. It still holds the record for black marlin distance.   Julian tells me that it was recaptured in Costa Rica (the tag was handed to an American sport fishing guy by a local fisherman) but try as they did, they could never find out how big it was at recapture.

Very interesting! Looking forward to seeing the tracks when they are updated soon.

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