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Red hot fishing


After a top day on Thursday, the team on Capt. Adam Jordan’s Iona 2 turned around and did the same thing again yesterday. Another 6 from 10 with the biggest fish 550lb finished off with a double header.  That makes 15 fish in 3 days fishing this trip with Scotty Baker and Paul Edmond on board which has also brought the end of season total for the team to 61 fish in 43 days! Red hot fishing! (sorry the photos came through really small!)



Capt. Ross Finlayson also had a good day on the Top Shot finishing with three fish including this mid-ranger that I shot from nearby late in the day.


Capt. Simon Carosi’s Reel Chase also released three including a larger model he put at 750lbs.

While on Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA we also added another larger model for angler Brett that Luke put at 800lbs (photo at top). Not only has Brett caught his first ever black marlin on this trip, he’s now on a personal tally of 4 to 800lbs!

And Capt. Bobby Jones’ Iceman released two at 200lbs and 800lbs at the Bank.

Fraser blacks and blues

The Sunny Coast Chaos team are making the most of the trip back home after the Hervey Bay Comp. After releasing a sailfish and jumping a blue off on Wednesday, they added two blues and three light tackle blacks yesterday.  Almost a slam with the stats 4-4-3 blacks, 4-4-3 blues and 1-1-0 stripe!

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