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Gold Coast delivering


The word on the FishBook overnight was another very memorable fish on the Gold Coast.  Between blue marlin and small black marlin galore, the Gold Coast just threw in something different.

Capt. Bobby Jones fishing on his new boat Merlin (ex-Iceman) with partner Lorraine in the chair and Capt. Ross McCubbin on deck encountered a big black marlin that they put right up there over the mark, estimated at 1100lbs. Update: Upon reviewing the footage, Ross is now fairly certain the fish was indeed a blue!

Luckily they were fishing for the blues and had the heavy tackle gear out.

Ross says that after missing 3 blues in the morning the day turned around very quickly on this fish. Lorraine fought it for 2 hours with it on the leader a few times hanging on the last to crack the fish off. With only Ross on deck and a bit under-gunned probably the best possible outcome.  Some speculation on the internet over whether the fish was a black or blue but with Capt. Bobby’s years of experience on the reef, I think we can safely take his call on this one ;-)

Photo is a still from the footage from Mark Burzacott.

Meanwhile back on the blues, Matt Caelli gave me an update on his Easter long weekend on the Goldy. Matt says he’s been seeing plenty and getting plenty of bites, but only converted 4 from 12 with really soft bites. The pick of the bunch would have to have been a blue marlin solo yesterday and tagging 1 from part of a double header. Well done Matt, that’s awesome! Likewise Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Hot Shot put another first time angler onto a blue as well going 1 from 3 with a fish about 300lbs.

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March 31, 2016 at 1:50 pm

Kelly its a mutation.
Pecs look like a blue, look at the previous post. Pecs look the same.
But I cant see the Dorsal or anal .
But Rossie would know he has caught enough of both of them.
I remember catching a striped marlin 150lbs off Jenny Louise once, I kept my mouth shut.
It was too hard to ID with the sun in the video, but the fight and the dorsal and pecs were right and Ive caught plenty of them to ID it.
So it was a mutant Black too .

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