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Goldy ‘blue’ and PNG National Titles


Footage from the big blue on the Gold Coast on Capt. Bobby Jones’ Merlin.

We’re on the boat ourselves and the moment and I’m having a bit of trouble getting online so please forgive the delays. For this reason, I haven’t been able to watch it myself, so tell me how good it is please ;-)  I’ve got a few more reports hopefully to get up tomorrow!

PNG National Titles

With a big thank you to Simon Woolcott for the results!

The 41st National Titles were held out of Rabaul PNG over Easter with a total of 225 anglers on 29 boats participating.

The bite turned on the second day of the titles with Tsnami landing 4 blue marlin with Satisfaction, Whichdoctor and JCA Spirit all converting 2 for the day. By the end of the week 46 marlin had been tagged and 3 weighed as part of the titles, as well as and 14 marlin tagged and 1 weighed in the Shootout. Making a total of 64 marlin boated for the tournament was a great effort.

The majority of marlin were spirited blues between 50 and 100kg. the tournament also produced 2 striped marlin and 2 black’s along with a lonely sailfish.

Tsunami out of Lae took top prize as far as boats followed by Satisfaction and Whichdoctor both out of Lae. Tsnami took out top team (tagging) with Keith Kingston and Rob McColluch. Backload took out top team (capture) with Dave Howarth and Jake Astwood.

Tribal took out champion junior team capture with JCA Spirit taking out Champion Junior tagging. Angler champions were as follows: Granville Ashbumer (Male Capture), Kathy Howden (Female capture), David Finall (junior Capture), Craig Cunninghame (Male Tagging), Savannah Woolcott (Female tagging), Savannah Woolcott (Junior Tagging).

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April 2, 2016 at 9:10 am

Great to see some quality fish about, we’ve picked up 2 blacks on floating pilchards this week while targeting snapper!

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