Sunny Coast GFC Boats finish at Fraser

Sunshine Coast GFC club boats have finished up their 2015/16 season spending some more time in the waters off Fraser Island though mostly on the smaller black marlin variety than blues of late.

Chaos’ Jay Graham sent me a round up report of the last week which is “Pole Dancer started fishing last Tuesday going 2 from 4. Wednesday he tagged 1 (from 3 or 4). Thursday 3 from 4. We (on Chaos) joined him on Friday, going 1 from 2, he also went 1 from 2.

Saturday Pole Dancer was 1 from 2, us 3 from 4. One Way and Dragon Lady also joined us Sunday both with juniors on board fighting it out for club junior glory.

One Way went 2 (from maybe 5) with young Bryce getting 1 fish on 6kg. Dragon Lady went 2 from 3 with young Max getting them both on 8kg.

Pole Dancer converted another 4 from 6 and Chaos 2 from 2 before going zeros heavy tackle after lunch on the way home.

The SCGFC champion male and junior trophies were literally decided Sunday at a club level with the two juniors and 4 male anglers battling it out over the last few weeks. The lead has changed several times!”

While not the red hot big numbers of last year, Fraser providing another cracker way to end the fishing year.

Jay said that both Chaos and David McMaster’s Pole Dancer were switching the little blacks on 4 kg tackle and that most fish were 6-8kg range but they also got one around 12kg and another about 3kg.