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Lizard Island Day 4


Another slower day on the fishing front with only 10 tags reported, but some much bigger fish which is very good news.

Port Hacking’s Just Chill started the day off with an estimated 850lb fish tagged at just before noon to angler Brad. The fish was also satellite tagged as the team’s entry into the Great Marlin Race courtesy of tag sponsor Peter Teakle.

Not long after Capt. Peter Jenyns’ Tsukji had his first hookup of the day. Unfortunately the fish turned out to be  a sailfish and therefore non-counting for the tournament, however they did add to their tally with another fish at 300lb for Jim later in the day.

And not long after that again, Capt. Bobby Jones’ Iceman began their run that would catapult them into the lead with three tags in just over an hour of fishing. And not the recent rats either! First fish to Andrew Marsden was certainly in the small category, but they followed up with an 800lb-er to Drew Washington and then a 600lb-er to Chris Fowler back to back. Action shot from on board from Brooke Summerville above.

Capt. Ross Finlayson’s Top Shot found his own pod of fish unfortunately self disqualifying one that ate two baits but which was also Sat tagged for the Great Marlin Race at 350lbs. Soon after he reported a second qualifying fish for angler Tominori Omi at 200lbs.

Another of the Port Hacking teams on Capt. Daniel Klein’s Cookie also tagged to continue their way up the leaderboard with a 600lb-er for angler Jeff Noldt. They unfortunately lost another fish on the leader a short time later!  And then Just Chill was back for their second of the day with a 500lb fish for James Dean.

Capt. Brett Goetze’s Amokura reported a 300lb-er for owner Darren Sandy, and Capt. Chris “Sharky” Miles, who had ventured all the way south to Linden Bank, reported a 100lb fish for angler Stuart Craig just before cease fishing.

That was only 10 tags for the day spread over 7 boats from a 33 boat fleet – tougher fishing!

The leaderboard currently stands at:

Iceman leads on 8 tags clear. Second is Reel Easy on countback to Askari and Tsukiji each on 6 tags.  Think Big is in fifth on 5 tags on countback to Cookie.  4 tags each for Assegai and Top Shot. KEKOA is on three. On two tags are Entourage, Hellraiser, Hot Shot, Just Chill, Amokura and Levante. And one each goes to Wild Turkey, Kalira, Topless, Zulu, Reel Shock, Duyfken, Burgundy Lady, Fascination, Kaizen and Viking II.

Also a quick note from Capt. Dean Beech on Onsite who has some availability later in the season:

  • October 27 to November 1, and
  • November 8 to 13

Contact Dean via email or telephone 0409744915

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