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Lizard Island Day 6


Kiwi boat Godfather started off fishing yesterday on what was, overall, another slow day of fishing. The first tag was reported only 20 minutes into fishing, 100lbs for Lesley Longdon on Godfather, the first for the NZ team, but the early start wasn’t a sign of another big numbers day.  Hellraiser tagged at 350lbs for Sue before Just Chill added another at 100lbs for Andrew to push them up the ladder steady steady. And just on lunch, it was another female angler, this time Karen on Namu to also put her team on Namu on the scoreboard with a fish they put at 550lbs.

Some more big fish around the first at 800lbs for Capt. Daniel Klein’s Cookie that was also Satellite tagged for angler Jeff Noldt, his entry in the Great Marlin Race. While tournament leaders on Capt. Bobby Jones’ Iceman also tagged at 100lbs for Trent to put them a little bit further in front.

Capt. Chris “Sharky” Miles on Levante made the decision to head south and its been paying off for him adding another fish yesterday to keep their upward momentum on the scoreboard going. And Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Hot Shot added one for GBR veteran Mike Dobbins with an hour to go as well – though smaller than Mike is used to I dare say at 150lbs.

But hooked up and fighting at cease fishing for over 30 minutes already, Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari came back from a quiet couple of days breaking the drought with a really nice fish that they put at 999lbs for angler James Thackeray just after cease fishing.

The current standings are:

Iceman still leads now on 9 tags clear. Second Askari on 7 tags. Next is is Reel Easy on countback from Tsukiji and Cookie each on 6 tags.  Think Big is on 5 tags on countback to Levante.  4 tags each for Assegai, Top Shot, Hellraiser and Just Chill. KEKOA and Hot Shot are on three. On two tags are Entourage, Amokura and The Outlaw. And one each goes to Wild Turkey, Kalira, Topless, Zulu, Reel Shock, Duyfken, Burgendy Lady, Fascination, Kaizen, Viking II, Athaldo, Onsite, Godfather and Namu.

Outside of the comp some more great reports! Catch up report from Capt. Haydon Bells’ Kanahoee who changed over in Cooktown a couple of days ago after a  trip with the boys off the 74 ft Spencer Flight Plan. Haydon reports a great trip ending with 11 fish in 6 days with the best day seeing them convert 5 blacks in the one day and the biggest being the 950lb + reported earlier! Sounds like that sure beats tourney fishing! ;-)

Also converting on Rod Hawkin’s C’mon Aussie with Capt. Jared Weir at the wheel. Rod tells me they added to their tally with another three fish yesterday in the 200 to 250 range which makes 7 in 4 days. Still no big one yet but sure to come! (Pic at top!)

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