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Big fish reports today!

Catch up report from a few days ago on Capt. Casey Dent’s Zulu who went 3 from 4 including a fish that Casey put at 1100lbs for 12 year old angler Cameron (photo at top) and followed up with a 200lber for 7 year old Brady.

Also a catch up report from Capt. Adam Jordan’s Iona 2 who tell me have been averaging a couple of fish a day. On their last trip they caught two big fish that Adam put at1000lb and 850lb for Simon and David from NZ. Yesterday on the first day of a new trip caught another that Adam put at 1000lbs for Scott Baker from Port Macquarie for his first fish of the day (photo).


Capt. Daniel McCarthy on Moana III caught half of a double header with a fish that he said was one the biggest he’s ever seen and not game to put a number on it. The second fish that he lost as he couldn’t chase both, was in the 800lb range. He also caught a smaller fish earlier in the day.

Capt. Kim Andersen on Adrenaline tells me he did a repeat yesterday of his day the day before with another 2 from 2 including a fish that he put on the mark for Menindee Quinn (Rob Cox’s nephew).

Capt. Simon Carosi on Assegai has been spending some days out at Osprey Reef and released a blue with an 11ft 4 short measurement yesterday. The blue we want out there! Thanks to Capt. Ross Finlayson for the reef relay!

Other boats on the fish included Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition with 2 from 4 on 2nd last day with the boys from Africa at 350 and 650. Capt. Daniel Carlson’s Little Audrey also released two.

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