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PDMC Day 3 & Big Girls


Note: I wrote this report yesterday but didn’t quite get enough internet connectivity to publish it. This one is from Saturday’s fishing and one more from yesterday to come….

Port Douglas Marlin Challenge Day 3

More tough fishing for competitors with only two fish tags reported on Day 3. Saltaire tagged a 350lb-er to Sean Roberts, while Jack Moore on Duyfken also tagged a fish at 700lbs to put his team on three tags so far and in the lead from Zulu with 2.

I should add that Day 1 results missed a fish tag for Wild Turkey so they are also in the hunt on one tag.

Outside the comp

Some really spectacular fishing for some while others awaiting their next bite.

Catching up on the last couple of days fishing for Capt. Brett Goetze’s Amokura with Friday a great day for them going 4 from 5, with 2 small models, one 500 and one big one that Brett put at around the 1000lb mark. And yesterday again followed up with another good day going 2 from 4, one of which around 800lbs.

Likewise catch up report from Capt. Brad Craft on Kiama. Brad says fishing has been steady steady for them with 19 fish in the past 11 days of fishing up to 900. Brad reports that they are averaging 2-3 bites day including a few double headers and also that they missed a couple of big fish.

And last catch up report from Capt. Corey Hard’s Askari who just finished a 5 day trip with a 5 from 8. Corey said there were 2 mid-rangers and the others up to 300 missing the 2 big ones for the trip.

Photo at top of a fish yesterday on Capt. Luke Fallon’s KEKOA that Luke put at 950lbs for angler Jada Holt.

And below two shots from Matty Sanders’ Megumi that I reported the other day from their trip caught in one afternoon at 850 & 950! Thanks to Grant for sending the photos although the picture quality is a bit radical ;-)


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