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SC solo black | GC black & blue


Too many sore heads made for a quieter traffic day on the water for David Granville who fished solo off Mooloolaba with only two other boats on New Year’s Day for his first solo black marlin of 2017.  David said it got a bit nautical so he only did the half day for the one from one on the switch. Watch the video below!

He also reports Reel Lady also did half day for one black. Reel Capture fished all day for two blacks although they did see a few more that didn’t tease.

Gold Coast Blacks & Blues

Meanwhile on the Gold Coast yesterday Capt. Craig “Sparra” Denham’s Hot Shot released a black and a blue. Sparra says the blue was 450 lb and the black 40lb. They also raised another that didn’t eat. Check out the footage of the blue, a nice solid fish on their FB page or scroll down to the bottom of the website for their FB feed if you’re not on Facebook.

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