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World Class Fishery


We don’t hear enough of the Exmouth fishery… mostly because they’re too busy catching to stop and talk about it. But another amazing day (week) on the water deserves highlighting!

Capt. Eddy Lawler’s Peak Sportfishing hit another personal milestone on Wednesday hitting double figures for blue marlin in a single day for the first time with 10 blue marlin and a stripe to make 11. This is all out of his 25 foot Contender Centre Console!  The same day Capt. Josh Bruynzeel’s On Strike likewise went 3 from 4 on blues with a stripe thrown in as well.

The odd black for a grand slam and add in the big yellowfin and other pelagic species and what more could you ask for in a fishery??!

It’s the hot time of year fishing Exmouth which is pretty much the most consistent year-round fishery in Aus.  For those WA-geography-challenged like myself, Exmouth is the West Coast equivalent of Mackay-ish.

While typically the best months for billies in the west are the warmer summer months, the fishing is hot almost year-round off Exmouth (weather permitting) and there can be some particularly good light and medium tackle sized billfish mid-late winter (blue, black, striped, sword and sails), as well as good sized heavy tackle blue and black marlin in the daily mix.

On another note: a close call for another Exmouth fisher – we’re glad you’re okay Ross! – deserves attention too if only as a reminder to all to be extra careful on the water and especially so when fishing solo!



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