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More summer of fun in SEQ


Sunshine Coast

Photog David Granville joined the crew on Craig McCulloch’s Reel Capture yesterday to get some shots of the little black marlin bite in action and has shared a couple with me (us) here (above and below).  They finished up with a with 5 from 8. David said there were a lot of other fish seen again – but like the day before were biting very soft so pretty atrocious conversion rates. David said he would guess at least 100 fish seen among 15 boats with most catching at least 2 or 3.

For those that haven’t been paying attention, with huge thanks to the members I’ve made an attempt to recap some of the numbers:

Chaos – Wednesday 10/ Thursday 4/ Friday 3 from a gazillion ;-)

Reel Capture – 7 on Wednesday and 5 on Friday with Thursday lay day ;-)

Rough Diamond on Thursday went 6-4-4 on blacks with just Paddy and Lachlan on board and raising a 4 others that wouldn’t bite.  On Friday Lachlan was back out on Catapult we went 6-3-3 (two blacks and a sail). Ben Cambell got his fist sailfish and Lachlan Orchard got his first black. (Pics)

Troy Rumbelow’s Black Mumba tagged 4 on Thursday. David Lameree’s Double Haul went 7-4-2 yesterday (pic). Daniel Barker on Raising Havoc went 10-3-3 yesterday. And Neville Martens on Shearwater went 1 from 3 yesterday.  Brian Lindeman on Reel Nauti went 1 from 4 yesterday.

And Brent tells me Dragon Lady tagged 1 and missed another 3 and raised about 10 more. And that Beat, in addition to Ben’s pending Small Fry record in the post below got two on Thursday and 2 on Friday!

And lets not forget MGFC members have been getting into them too.  Wrack Off with 2 on Wednesday,  Takkachee 2 Thursday, Luna 5 Wednesday, 3 Thursday.

Gold Coast

Capt. Ross McCubbin was back on Lucky Strike yesterday going 1 from 2 on the little blacks.  Ross says its slowly getting better though the Sunshine Coast fish can move down now!  Also reports Real Easy went 1 from 3 blues out wide.

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