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SEQ to Sydney update & 2017 Golden Lure Results


SEQ little blacks mayhem continues

Mooloolaba Club Captain Jamie Behrens updated me on the last couple of days for club boats. Jamie, Steve Turner and his father Graeme fished with Steve Dahl on Reel Lady Saturday for 5 from 11 in 15 plus N/E wind (photos). Ymer also had a go yesterday going 12-8-4 on lures. Jamie said it seems like lures were the go in the rougher conditions on the weekend.

SCGFC updates from the weekend and previous report also fishing the Sunny Coast with Col & Kylie Hombsch’s Reel Action going 4-4-2 yesterday and Raise A Bill 12-12-3 on Saturday.

Further South

The Golden Lure results (below) are evidence the blacks have well and truly made their way into NSW as well.  I also received a report from Luke Bannon wanting to share his 7 year old’s achievement releasing his first marlin off South West Rocks caught on their 595 hard top Cruisecraft Chasn Skirt. Luke says the fish was about 35kg and caught on a Zacattack lumo sprocket and was a very proud father moment! Big congrats to Cooper!

Micky Altmann reports fishing off Sydney GFC boat Seadeuce yesterday with owner Denis Calvert on the helm working the 40 to 60 fathom areas around The Peak, Botany Bay wide FAD, 12 mile reef and The Plonk Hole. Mickey reports the result going 5-5-1 on small stripe marlin and small black marlin with the stripe sticking.  The angler Steve “Hawkeye” Spinks on the strip estimated at 50kg on 15kg tackle. Mickey reports plenty of bait and water temp at 25.5 degrees and although the converstion rate suffered it was good to see plenty of fish about. All the fish were raised on lures and they did hear on the radio of some good blues on the wide grounds over the  shelf including a good one over 250kg lost at the boat.  The Bill Heyward Memorial Tournament this coming weekend so hopefully the bite will continue.

Port Macquarie – Garmin 33rd Annual Golden Lure

47 boats and 206 anglers competed in this year’s tournament made up of 174 male, 17 lady, 12 junior and 3 small fry anglers.

Overall 129 billfish – 111 black marlin, 10 blue marlin, 7 striped marlin and 1 sailfish as well as 31 mahi mahi, 1 yellow fintuna, 3 striped tuna fish were tagged.

On the capture side, 1 yellowfin tuna and 1 Spanish mackeral were weighed. Several mahi mahi and yellowfin didn’t meet minimum weight but were kept for the BBQ!

Champion Boat T&R – Calypso III PMGFC 162562 points
2nd – Reel Trouble PMGFC 107500 points
3rd – Sea Baby IV NGFC 107010 points
4th – Eastbound PMGFC 95031 points
5th – Weekend Detention NPSGFC 82558 points
6th – Grave Digger PMGFC 78781 points
7th – Juggernaut CHGFC 77450 points
8th – Rarely In NPSGFC 75000 points

Heaviest Marlin over 150kg – Not Won (Jackpot to $10,000 cash prize 34th Golden Lure)

Champion Boat T&R Blue Marlin Only – Doghouse NGFC 20000 points (by countback)
2nd – White Dog NPSGFC 20000 points

Champion Male Angler T&Rt – Sam Young PMGFC 150062 points
2nd – Adam Stout PMGFC 53750 points
Champion Female Angler T&R – Deb Kemmis CHGFC 77450 points
2nd – Cassie Herbert NPSGFC 57529 points
Champion Junior Angler T&R – 1st – Cooper Frith NPSGFC 53750 points
2nd – Isaac Rumble PMGFC 12500 points
Champion Small Fry T&R – Rhys Jolly NGFC 34979 points
2nd – Blair Carroll PMGFC 16250 points

Champion Adult Angler Capture (Tuna & OGF) – John Sharne PMGFC 1464.04 points
Champion Lady Angler Capture (Tuna & OGF) – NOT WON
Champion Junior Angler Capture (Tuna & OGF) – NOT WON
Champion Small Fry Angler Capture (Tuna & OGF) – NOT WON

Most Meritorious Capture Boat – Warlord PMGFC 20.6kg Yellow Fin Tuna on 10kg
Heaviest Shark – Boat – NOT WON
Heaviest Tuna – Boat – Warlord PMGFC 20.6kg Yellow Fin Tuna
Heaviest Other Game Fish – Boat – Calypso III PMGFC 14.8kg Spanish Mackeral

First Marlin T&R – Rod Ralphs LMGFC
Last Marlin T&R– Deb Kemmis CHGFC
Most Marlin T&R – Sam Young PMGFC
ost Shark T&R – Lisa Houlford JBGFC
Most Other Game Fish T&R – David Wright
SIGFC Garmin Major Lucky Boat Draw winner – Pheel the Bite PMGFC
Furthest Traveled by Sea – Doghouse NGFC
Furthest Traveled by Road – Ramp Rat & Bear both from Ocean Grove VIC

Congrats to all of our winners & thanks to all of the competitors for a great tournament.

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