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Aussies swords and slams


Capt. Daniel Klein’s team on Entourage joined the swordfish club over the weekend off Eden with two fish in two days of fishing.  Dan had the dream team on board with Brett Cornish on the rod for the first fish (139kg) and Dave Cassar, Andy Kaves and Daniel Carlson on deck.  Daniel C was on the rod for the second 70kg fish on the second day which was tagged and incidentally crosses off all Australian billfish species for him!

I also had a note from Barry Alty to let us know that the IGFA has just confirmed his Royal Billfish Slam claim (all 9 species of billfish). Barry believes that no other Aussie and possibly not many world-wide have the double of the Billfish Royal Slam and the IGFA Gil Keech Award for Outstanding Heavy Tackle Angling Achievement (only awarded to 16 Anglers in the IGFA’s history).

Barry says its ironic that it is only a month or so after Brett gets Nick Stanzyck the Pacific Blue to complete his slam that he got his confirmed and with Brett there wouldn’t be too many captains who have participated in two slams!”

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