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Australian Marine Parks Draft Management Plans


Australian Marine Park users are invited to have their say on the Draft Management Plans that were released yesterday.  The deadline for feedback is 20 September, 2017.

According to Sally Barnes, Director of National Parks, five draft management plans have been released for the 44 Australian Marine Parks that are managed by Parks Australia. These draft management plans will not affect the existing management plan in place for the South-east Network.

Feedback should include:

  • What you would like to see kept or changed in the plan/s and why
  • Reference to a specific marine park or use, where appropriate
  • Sources of any information you refer to, where possible.

Feedback can be submitted via:

  1. Filling in thefeedback form, available at:
  2. Emailing:
  3. Writing (free of charge) to:

Australian Marine Parks Management Planning
Department of the Environment and Energy
Reply Paid 787
Canberra ACT 2601

As per communication from Ms. Barnes, until the new management plans come into effect (likely to be in 2018) there will be no “on the water” changes for permit holders or park users. The same restrictions on activities will continue to apply in marine parks.

The plans will affect the activities that will be allowed in marine parks once they are finalised.

It is important for all users to have their say now.


Queensland Charter Boat Operators

Feedback is also required from charter operators on the  Charter Fishing Action Plan 2017–2020: discussion paper by August 4, 2017.

Seven main topics are provided in the discussion paper for feedback:

  • a voice for the charter fishing industry
  • access to the charter fishery (including licensing and compliance)
  • maritime safety and infrastructure
  • declining resources and increasing fishing pressure
  • promotion of charter fishing
  • fishery enhancements
  • red tape reduction.

Again, it’s important that all operators have their say before the deadline!

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