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Aussies on Lake Kona


Report from Capt. Tim Dean (Calypso) fresh back from a relaxing pre-season fishing on ‘Lake Kona’!

Tim, wife Bec and Simon (Assegai) & Kirsten Carosi along with Rob and Kelly Moss fished the first day together on Pursuit with Capt. Jason Holtz and Nick Durham on the deck (Tantrum Lures).

Kelly started the ball rolling with a PB (first one) Ahi of 150lb shortly followed up by Kirsten with a 600-650 blue marlin. Tim said it was a great fight of over an hour with Kirsten ending up in the corner for around half the fight. After watching her go it was decided none of the boys were putting up there hand for the next fish, which lucky for us and unlucky for Bec as it did not appear.

The next two days they set out to fish Bec on 8# and shortly after we put the teasers in we raised a small fish 120lb (shortly being Tim launched the bait right of the rigging table!!) and unfortunately after a short fight jumped him off. Not hooked well enough.

Another few hours later and they raised the right one, 250-300. Hot fish on the tease, pitch perfect and …. blue marlin fade out…… Gone, no bite.

The final day Tim said they did not have any luck apart from hanging out with friends on the lake off Kona.  But that’s a pretty great way to spend the day!

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