Black marlin caught on drone

Some of the best imagery you’ll see has hit the internet filmed on Capt. Steve Ahler’s Hellraiser over the last several days. Tony Carpenter on deck has sent me the pics from the trip both from the normal camera lense as well as some drone angles that are simply just fantastic! And having great fishing certainly helped.

Tony reports they released 8 fish in the 5 days for Texas boys Justin, Hans, and Chris which included 2 fish over 900lbs, with one they put at 999.

Can’t wait to see the final footage when its put together!

Internet is fleeting for me overnight and so I will give this one the audience it deserves and save the rest of the reports for tomorrow when we’re back in range.

It’s been a great start to season 2017. Lets hope it continues (and we get to see more footage like this!) Click to enlarge the pics!