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Big fish fire


After a few quieter days it was good to hear of good numbers of big fish yesterday. Fishing wide of the reef, crews have been finding some real nice ones.

Among them photos at top and below of a fish Capt. Steve Ahler’s on Hellraiser put at 1100lbs, one of 4 fish released over the past three days of fishing (the others at 150, 300, 500lbs). And once again some awesome shots taken by Tony Carpenter on deck above and below!

Capt. Dan Mcarthy’s Moana III weighed a potential Australian Men’s record blue marlin yesterday at 870lbs for Ichiro Takahashi which is certainly the biggest blue marlin weighed up here and inching closer to Australia’s first legal 1000lb blue marlin. (Photo below) Congrats to all!

Capt. Tim Richardson’s Tradition caught 1 from 3 with this smaller fella for Andy Mezirow unfortunately a big fish jumped off after 10 minutes that was all fouled up in the leader. Photo by Fishtrack’s Charlie Levine below.

And Capt. Russell Caporns’ Kaizen also put paid to a quiet few days on the marlin front with a fish that he put at 900lbs for Greg Caporn.

And still making his way home to the Gold Coast, Grant Thompson on Cjig had another great day on the water this time off the Noosa Canyons. Grant says they only converted 1 from 5 blues but lost the one that counted! He said they had bites from 2 monster blues that were twice the size of the ones from the day before! While one did not hook up a few hours later they got the big girl on and it jumped around then came back over the line in cut its self off! Then thinking it was still hooked jumped all the way up the the boat! One to rival yesterday’s in Cairns! Race is on now!

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