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Bluewater Issue 134


Will Tomlinson has been fishing on the Wild Turkey and wide off #10 Ribbon Tuesday Will has caught an  Australian pending black marlin record on 8lb after 5.5 hours! The fish weighed in at 73.4kg (162lb) yesterday breaking the current record of 44kg with captain Chris Santarsiero and Mathew Bergamo and Anthony Bergamo on deck!

And from Cairns…that is all.

BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing

  • Issue 134

ON SALE FROM: 25th October 2018

WOW! What an amazing issue. This one starts with an extensive feature about the largest tuna in the world, then continues with a master crewman’s guidance teaching how to take the leader on big fish. Following that is a remarkable journey through all of the world’s best big marlin hotspots, plus Dr Pepperell’s guide to strange predators of the deep. You’ll also find amazing photos of giant Cairns marlin, Capt Laurie Wright’s guide to targeting an IGFA world record, plus a lure review, short stories, two in-depth boat tests and a whole lot more. This sure is an action-packed issue of BlueWater.

(PS added bonus of this issue of Bluewater is the feature of some of my Cairns marlin season pics!)

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