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Gold Coast (Garmin) Light Tackle Masters 2019


Teams enjoyed some great fishing (in particular a hot bite Saturday afternoon) for the GCGFC’s annual Light Tackle Masters held over two days of fishing this weekend gone.

There were 34 boats with 135 anglers competing.

And it was James Holt at the wheel of French Look 3 for his first tournament as skipper who lead his team to first place with 6 black marlin.

Fishing was so red hot that the club had two $100 cash bonuses with the idea for them to go up to the next marlin after the call on the radio. But Ash tells me the big problem they had was that there literally wasn’t a time to run the bonus over the radio because there was someone hooked up literally all weekend! A great problem to have!

The weekend was enjoyed by all and the great participation meant that with seating for 150 at the presentation, the number was exceeded and so many attended many had to eat standing up :D

Winners List:

1st Billfish Day 1 Mackenzie Schofield (Hot Deal)

Last Billfish Day 2 Ayden Wass (Playstation)

  • Champion Boat – French Look 3 with 6 black marlin
  • Champion Boat <8M – Reel Teaser with 5 black marlin (and only 1 angler!)
  • Champion Boat 2nd Place – Hot Deal 4 blacks and 1 striped tuna
  • Champion Boat 3rd Place – Mojo with 4 black marlin
  • Champion Boat 4th Place – Mistress 4 black marlin
  • Champion Boat 5th Place – Allure with 3 black marlin

Champion Male T&R – Josh Gapper (Real Teaser) 5 black marlin

Champion Male T&R Runner Up – Steve McGuire (French Look 3) 4 black marlin

Champion Female – Pam Hart (Allure) – 2 blacks

Champion Female Runner Up – Alisa Schofield (Hot Deal) 2 blacks

Champion Female Junior – Mackenzie Schofield (Hot Deal) 2 black marlin, 1 striped tuna

Champion Male Junior – Bryce Bartleson (Mistress) with 2 black marlin

Champion Angler Other Species Capture – Adam Argus (Redonkulous) 13.8kg mahi mahi

Champion Angler Other Species T&R Robert Johnstone 1 mahi mahi, 1 striped tuna.

Visit the club’s Facebook page for more photos and information from the weekend!

Outside the comp: a great pic from Capt. Ross McCubbin on Lucky Strike one of their 5 blacks in two days of fishing late last week!

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