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Golden Lure 0219


The 2019 Garmin Golden Lure week of fishing at Port Macquarie is over and although fishing was tough this year with the constant Nor’ Easters bringing cold green water inshore, a great time was had by all. Conditions were also tough out wide with 4.5knts+ of current coupled with boiling hot water from 27deg to 29.5deg affecting the blue marlin as well.

Overall 53 boats 215 anglers (192 Male, 13 Female, 6 Junior, 4 Small Fry) competed in the four days of the major competition.

Tag n Release 151

Billfish: 83 x black marlin, 12 x blue marlin, 1 x striped marlin, 2 x shortbill spearfish

Other species: 2 x wahoo, 19 x mahi mahi, 32 x sharks

Capture: 1 x blue marlin, 1 x mahi mahi (Many more Mahi Mahi, Wahoo & Spearfish captured on heavy line class for dinner.)

The 2019 Garmin 35th Golden Lure Tournament – Official Results Champion Boat Champion Boat T&R : Calypso III PMGFC 98750 points

Runner Up Boat T&R: Zanzibar NGFC 82531 points

3rd Place Boat T&R: The Menace PMGFC 78740 points (on count back)

4th Place Boat T&R: Weekend Detention PMGFC 78740 points

5th Place Boat T&R: Phillet PMGFC 73781 points

6th Place Boat T&R: Live Action PMGFC 65000 points

7th Place Boat T&R: Reel Trouble GLGFC 62500 points

8th Place Boat T&R: Rampage PMGFC 53750 points

Champion Boat Heaviest Marlin over 150kg: Not Won

Runner Up: Not Won

Champion Boat T&R Blue Marlin only: Seaka NPSGFC 27000 points

Runner Up: Warlord PMGFC 18,500points

Champion Male Angler T&R: Damian Rafter on Calypso III 86250 points

Runner Up Male Angler T&R: Nick Duggan on Phillet PMGFC 73781 points

Champion Female Angler T&R: Caron Collins on Weekend Detention PMGFC 78750 points

Runner Up: Ebony Brown on Rarely In NPSGFC 32500 points

Champion Junior Angler T&R: Rhys Jolly on Zanzibar NGFC 53781 points

Runner Up: Nathan Boughton on Bullet Proof SGFC 25000 points

Champion Small Fry Angler T&R: Blake Herbert on Rampage PMGFC 28,750 points

Runner Up: Maddison Fairlie on No Excuse NPSGFC 10050 points

Highest Point Scoring Fish Champion Male Angler (Capture): Paul Arthur on Wild Tuna PMGFC 3711.65 points

Champion Female Angler: Not Won

Champion Junior Angler: Not Won

Champion Small Fry Angler: Not Won

Capture Boat Prizes

Most Meritorious Capture: Wild Tuna PMGFC Blue Marlin 98.4kg on 24kg 3711.65 points

Heaviest Shark Capture over 150kg: NOT WON

Heaviest Tuna Capture: NOT WON

Heaviest Other Game Fish Capture: Reel Crazy LMGFC 16.8kg Mahi Mahi

Angler Prizes

First Billfish T&R: Harriet Crowley on Backed Up II PMGFC

Last Billfish T&R: Ian Collins on Wild Thing NPSGFC

Most Marlin T&R: Caron Collins on Weekend Detention PMGFC, 6 Marlin on count back

Most Shark T&R: Maddison Fairlie on No Excuse NPSGFC, 3 Sharks on count back

Most Other Game Fish T&R: Mal McKeirnan on Ramp Rat PMGFC, 4 Fish

Special Junior/Small Fry Award: Tristan Sharrock PMGFC

Major Lucky Boat Draw: Whippen PMGFC

Novelty Boat Prizes Best Dressed Boat: After Hours PMGFC

Boat Furthest Traveled by Road: Ramp Rat (Ocean Grove VIC)

Boat Furthest Traveled by Sea: Sequana (Lake Macquarie) NGFC

Early Entry Draw: Reel Trouble GLGFC

A big thanks to all of the Sponsors, Participants & Volunteers who made our tournament such as success. We hope to see you again for the 36th Golden Lure Tournament. Proposed dates Jan 10th – 18th 2020.

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