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Lucinda Light Tackle Comp 2019


7 boats braved choppy seas on the weekend with the weather calming down a little on the Saturday afternoon allowing most of the trailer boats to find some billfish action….only to have the case of the dropsies!

Investergator had a sked of 3-3-1, Eelectrakushen 3-2-2 and the rest of the fleet failing to convert their chances on day one, including a 50kg reefie on the Black Pearl that jumped off spectacularly beside the boat!

Sunday came with anglers hopeful but at around 9am a spiteful southerly kicked in making it hard for the fleet to stay on the fish.  A coupe of boats ended up near Dunk Island as they couldn’t turn around in the shipping lane. And Black Pearl tagged the only fish on Sunday.


Champion Team: Electrakushen
Champion Angler: Damien Castles Investigator
Champion Junior: Liam Treacey 1 black marlin on Electrakushen

We have to get the weather 1 year we hope! Thanks to Peter Mutta Mamino for the report!

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