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More hot Fraser Island fishing


Updated: Trading places Monday as Elempi returned to port until the next hit out, the Graham Family’s Chaos fished for a 300lb black marlin with the blues seemingly missing in action. That changed yesterday when they showed up again for a 3-3-3 blue marlin. More great fishing to be had at Fraser!

Fishing in 20-25 knots over the weekend Myles Westin’s Elempi made toughing the conditions worthwhile with some spectacular blue marlin fishing. Saturday the boys went 12-10-6 on blues fishing three up. Yesterday they followed up again raising 3 blues and a stripe all before 11:30am. Miles said the first didn’t eat and the next two both missed the lures while the stripey followed for 4 mins before biting and falling off in quick succession! But they raised another pair of blues after lunch and narrowly missed a double hookup (hard in the conditions with 3 up) before releasing one blue around 250lbs.

Myles reports his final stats for the two days were that they raised 19 blues and 1 stripes for a 14-12-7!

Jay Graham’s Chaos joins them today so more to come no doubt!

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