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Exmouth summer season off to a HOT start in 2020


It’s peak marlin season over in Exmouth and the fishing has been red hot. The warmer months are a great time of year to be fishing Exmouth, and with more border openings due next week (WA is scheduled to open up to NSW and Victoria from next Tuesday, other states with the exception of South Australia can already travel to WA) more anglers will be able to enjoy the plentiful stripes and blacks in addition to targeted blues making a gram slam a very real possibility!

Just this week Hayley Deller achieved an angling grand slam with Capt. Eddy Lawler’s Peak Sport Fishing on Friday. Hayley went 5-4-4 for an afternoon of hot fishing being 1 blue marlin, 2 striped marlin and 1 black marlin! On Inkeeper Sport Fishing, angler Kyle Hodge recorded a grand slam on Nov 29 with a 10-4-3 striped marlin, 2-2-2 blue marlin and a 1-1-1 black marlin

While Exmouth is perhaps the most consistent year-round fishery in Australia, typically the best months for billfish in the west are the warmer summer months.

Aside from Grand Slams (three species of billfish in a day), result just this week include a 8-5-4 yesterday for Peak (2 stripes and 2 blues), and an 8-5-4 (3 blues and 2 stripes) on Thursday.

Capt. Josh Bruynzeel’s OnStrike has also been in on the action with a 10-6-4 (blues) for father and son duo on Thursday as well. Inkeeper also released a blue and stripe yesterday following up from the same combo on Friday.

Coming up, Exmouth GFC’s Heavy Tackle Tournament will be held December 11-13

January in Exmouth

Lets not forget Australia’s first official grander blue marlin was caught on New Year’s Day in 2018. The possibility of another grander blue will draw anglers from all over…. read about the Grander blue marlin capture on the blog about the Grander blue marlin capture on the blog here.

It was also January in 2017 that Capt. Eddy released double figure blues marlin in a single day! Read that report here.

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