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Blown Away


Another wet and windy day on the Great Barrier Reef greeted us on Saturday.  On the fishing side however a quieter day was had by most on the reef — it seems like the team on Tradition had the pick of the bunch.  They raised one Capt. Tim called well over the mark for Lydie on 50lb but got blown away on the light line. They then tagged a 250lb-er and pulled off a 300lb-er at the boat soon after.

Over in Weipa, Ben took clients back to the spot yesterday and had to work a bit harder as the wind came up pretty good.  His 3 clients however are no longer sailfish virgins now, catching 1 each!  They saw a dozen or so and at one stage had 4 or 5 swimming around a hooked fish.

No word from the second day of the Sunshine Coast comp yet – no doubt the results will be shared after the brunch presentation this morning.

A couple of marlin video clips to share as well:

Askari clip:

The Askari’s heavy tackle season has finally commenced. Craig, Macca, Anthony, Jeff and Elvis (all Sydney boys) had a great five days with a combination of Jigging, popper fishing, bottom fishing,GT fishing and of course marlin fishing.

KEKOA clip:

Marlin hatcam compilation from the Salter’s trip on board KEKOA 2010. We didn’t have the camera running for the 850lb-er on day 1, but all of the others are captured.

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Chip Van Mols
October 3, 2010 at 2:51 pm

Great start Luke! boat looks awsome, congrats to Brandon and you. Is that Dean Nickles from NZ on the wire?

have a good season



October 4, 2010 at 10:54 am

Hi Chip, thanks so much!
Yes that’s Dean. He was helping us out until Dingo arrived in the country.:-)

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