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Consistency is key and Dreamin’ On have been steadily plucking away at them at Linden Bank and yesterday it paid off when they released their first big fish of the season estimated at 900lbs. Simon sent me a short clip of back of the boat action:

You gotta love the technology we have on the reef when we can get a short clip like this from one end of the reef to the other by mobile phone!

Fishing at up the top, Iona 2 and ourselves on KEKOA hooked up to two fish in the same pack within moments of each other.  Iona picking up a nice big girl for angler Andreas, the pick of the bunch, as we released a 300lb-er to mark angler Warren’s first marlin.  Warren had been copping a bit of a ribbing on the boat so he’s more than happy to have that first fish monkey off his back now.

More photos:


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Anita Groves
October 5, 2010 at 1:57 pm

Way to go Warren!!! Congrats on your first Marlin. Cant wait to see the photos!! :O)

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