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BMFB: Weekly Sked Mar 8


Super speedy marlin for the team on Flying Fisher 1 at the Gibber during the week

  • Tim Hiscoe gave me a little more information from their big blue on Chris Herberts Bertram Absolute Wednesday.  Angler Chucky fought the fish, that the boys called a true giant at 900lbs, on 80lb (37kg) for two hours before she was brought alongside.  Tim says she was so big that she could hardly get out of the water to jump. They released another blue go two from three for the day and then added yet another 400lb-er on Friday off the Gold Coast that looked positively small in comparison, (before heading into the coast to wait out the weather.
  • Likewise, Capt. Ken Brown on Megumi told me that their fish that he put 750-800lbs was released on the canyons east of Cape Moreton.  Ken says it was caught by former Brisbane Port CEO Jeff Coleman on his first trip marlin fishing – quite an introduction!  Jeff himself saw the crash tackle bite and did a great job in the 45 minute fight.  A second was released for angler Les Hawkes at around 350-400lbs an hour later, which was also Les’ first marlin.
  • More blue marlin news from over yonder as Tradition‘s Capt. Tim Richardson, who is spending the ‘off’ season fishing the Carribean and currently off St. Lucia, released two from three on the on the 61 Garlington Ambush. Quick update: Tim had a GREAT DAY today going 10 from 14 on blue marlin!
  • The Gold Coast Game Fishing Club would like to announce that their new website is now live.  You can check it out at  They also have an online forum now that you can check out if you’re planning on fishing the Gold Coast.
  • NSW Interclub T&R:  Congratulations to the Newcastle/Port Stephens GFC who once again (six straight now) took out the NSW Interclub on the weekend.  As Saturdays fishing was canceled due to the weather, boats had hard yards to make up any ground on the leaders on the final day, which by all reports was the slower of the comp.  But the NPS Team 1 (Capt. Tim Dean on Born Free, Gunrunner, Diversion, Billistic and Viking2) capitalized on their home ground knowledge to bring it home with over 300,000 points altogether.  Broken Bay GFC T1 was in second place (In A Meeting, Murrifin, Gorilla, Shakara, Black Pete) and NPS T5 in third (The Force, Mojo, Calypso, Chianti and Grommet).  In the individual boat standings, The Force had a fantastic competition to take the win from Askari and Born Free respectively.  The youngsters also enjoyed another great comp with Junior angler Jacinta Thomas on Amokura taking out the champion female gong and Connor Craven leading the charge for his team on Viking2 to take out the champion junior award with 7 marlin.  Megan Macleod and the team on Diversion took out Ladies Day on Monday. Outside the competition, their were some great results in the mid-week fishing including a spectacular day for Scotty Thorington’s Flying Fisher 1 whose best was 8 in a day at the Gibber (awesome action picture above via Notso – thanks Ben!).
  • NSW Interclub Capture: Congratulations to the Broken Bay T4 (Rampage, Dealne, Carnage, Bravo and Commando) who took out champion team Capture from Lake Macquarie T2 (Offshore, Gloriana, Ba’Ja, Head Hunter and Stripper) and Sydney GFC T2 (Tantrum, Ambition, Blood n Guts, Blue Illusion and Mazara).  In the individual boat standings Dealne (BBGFC) did it again to take out Champion Boat from Head Hunter (Lake Mac GFC) and Blood n Guts (Syd GFC).  Carnage weighed the heaviest shark, a tiger at 356kg while Landfish weighed the heaviest marlin for angler Darren Bell a 99kg stripey.
  • I have some awesome Cairns 2010 season footage to share from Tink and Capt. Dean Beech on Castille (below top) – and another from the team on Little Audrey (below bottom), but on this one, Youtube strikes again and have removed the audio:

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