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Quick Bits: Heading North


More of the fleet are making their way north to Cairns for the impending start of the Giant Black Marlin Season for 2011.

  • Amokura left the Gold Coast on Wednesday on their way north and released a 200lb blue marlin off the Sunshine Coast on their way past (on 10kg line!)  The boys are fishing off Fraser Island for a few days before making their way to Hamilton Island for a stop before completing the trip north.
  • On Little Audrey the boys have been enjoying some great spear fishing since they left the waters off Townsville this week. Yesterday they decided to put the baits in for a couple of hours off Houston Light and were hit almost straight away by a small black.  Unfortunately no hookup but less than an hour later another strike and they released a 200lb black for first-time marlin angler AJ.  Capt. Daniel Carlson tells me they’ll have another quick fish today before heading into the marlin marina tonight.
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Kevin Dewey
September 9, 2011 at 3:48 pm

41 days until I’m on shaka!!!! Reading your blog is fantastic. It’s ramping up the excitement!!! Love it thank you.

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