CLOSED Live Blogging: Lizard Island Day 1

Live blogging results from the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic.  Check back (refresh page) to see the results as they happen/unfold.

17:44 pm
One more tag on that sked to Fascination I believe (Update-this was actually a report of their final tally for the day not another fish). That’s it for today, recap in the morning.

17:32 pm
Cease fishing, final sked to come.

16:29 pm
Viking II tagged 200lbs.

15:44 pm
Bill Collector fish tagged. (Outside the comp, on Kekoa we also just released a 300lber for Roger.)

15:06 pm
Amokura has tagged two fish on that sked. I heard their hookups but not the tags. Moana lost a nice fish at the side of the boat for Andrey. 6 tags so far today.

14:38 pm
Kanoahoee’s 2nd fish was 150 to Amanda again.

14:24 pm
I missed a tag for Reelly Black at 250Lbs for Andrew Hungerford. Fascination’s fish was caught by Roen Quinn.

14:20 pm
Kanahoee tagged their second fish of the tournament. No details yet.

14:10 pm
Fascination fish tagged at 200lbs. Amokura seems to have been hooked up for a while.

13:10 pm
No other fish reported on the sked. Kanahoee’s fish was an 850lber for Amanda Thompson. Well done! Congrats Amanda and Sharky and crew, first fish of the comp!

12:57 pm
Kanahoee tagged just before the sked. Details soon.

12:35 pm
Hattitude lost fish. Sked’s coming up soon so we’ll see if I’ve missed anything. The repeater station sounds a bit dodgy today.

12:03 pm
We’ve just passed the one hour mark and all is quiet on the radio. I have not heard any calls of hookups yet.

11:00 am
Start fishing, start fishing, start fishing. Castille III is radio boat this year.

10:51 am
The sail past is over and boats have made their way to the edge for start fishing. There are 24 boats competing this year. Start fishing is 11am.