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CLOSED Live Blog: Lizard Island Day 2


Day two of the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic – check back (refresh) to see the results as they unfold.
17:30 pm
Cease fishing. That’s it for today. Full report in the morning.

16:55 pm
Spartacus 400lb for Ralph. Hattitude tagged.

16:18 pm
Spartacus second fish was wrong species. Fascination tagged but I can’t hear their details. Askari tagged too. Reel Cross has been fighting for a while.

16:16 pm
Spartacus tagged 200lbs for Ralph and then hooked up again.

16:07 pm
A couple of big fish their. Calypso tagged 950lbs for Craig. Hot Shot (Wobbles)tagged 800lbs but I couldn’t catch the angler’s name.

15:55 pm
Top Shot tagged (size ?). Viking II tagged 400lbs to Connor. A little flutter of activity with a few boats hooked up.

15:18 pm
Little Audrey tagged 150lbs.

14:25 pm
Spoke too soon: Castille’s fish tagged at 400lb to Chris Caron.

14:21 pm
Tournament base called hookup on Castille III. It’s been a while now so it might be a big fish and a contender for one of Peter Teakle’ satelite tags….

13:42 pm
Scratch that for Hellraiser, I think I mis-heard.

13:11 pm
Hattitude and Hellraiser tagged during the sked. Other than that it was zeros. Hattitude’s fish was 700lbs to Andrew Harvey. Hellraiser details to come but chances are it’s one of the Curtis’s

11:12 am
Start fishing has been called. (Sorry I was in the internet black hole at the top of Number 4 Ribbon).

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