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More Blue Marlin


Report from Megumi’s Capt. Ken “Brownie” Brown who fished the canyons E/SE of Point Lookout and went 2 from 3 on blue marlin. Ken says one was about 350-400 for angler Ross Skerman and the other about 250-300 for Peter Mitchell.  Ken also says they had a bite from an absolute animal just after putting the lines back in after the 2nd fish, and although they didn’t hook up, he got a good look at it as it swam across the the back of the wake. Ken says it was the biggest fish he’s seen in many years of fishing for blues off SE Queensland!  They did a bunch of circles around the area and raised it again with it coming up under the short rigger, pecs all lit up, but once again, wouldn’t eat.  Then, it cruised over to the long flat line and did the same thing.   What a shame!

Ken says the big fish are definitely out there its only a matter of time before someone will put one on the scales that’s over the mark!

Also a video to share from Ben “Notso” Bright from his day solo fishing from a few weeks ago, where he went 2 from 4 sailfish, all on fly, off Weipa.  Good stuff Ben!

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Boris Nelson
December 15, 2011 at 5:51 pm

Ha… That is hilarious. Short and Simple video with no words just made me laugh…!!!

December 17, 2011 at 1:35 am

Man that’s hectic!!

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