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Weipa starting to fire in tournament leadup & heavy tackle quick bite


Weipa Sails

Weipa has started to fire in the leadup to their tournament next weekend. Weipa Billfish Club boat Wine Down with Skipper Darryl French and Tony Witcopp went out Friday and went 5-4-4 on sails getting two double hookups off two pods they raised. Wine Down repeated the success again on Saturday with the Striper Robert/Kennedy’on board, this time going 7-6-6 – including first sails of the season for Weipa Billfish Club Junior anglers Emmy and Dylan Roberts, and female anglers Andrea Kennedy and Simone French.

Mick Prychidczuk, Lou Pearce and their children Matty and Mataya  were out also on there boat D-V-IT and tagged a sail.

On Sunday, Darryl this time joined Skipper Gaven, Andrea on Striper and fishing with D-V-IT came across a pod of sails free feeding on the surface. Striper managed to convert a double hookup and D-V-IT a single. Both boats raised more fish during the next hour before it went quiet with final stats for Striper 5-5-4 and D-V-IT 3-2-2 both to Lou.

This years tournament promises to be bigger and better this year with great sponsors on board and good participation anticipated. Nominate Now – Contact Andrea.

And a big thanks to Darryl for the report!

Heavy Tackle Cairns

Not much to report from Cairns with the exception of Tradition who  followed up from their big fish day Monday with a 400lb-er at Number 4 Agincourt in a one from three!

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