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More hot fishing from Narooma: Al McGlashan


I’m still waiting for a few details for the tournament reports which will hopefully be up soon, but in the meantime I finally have my Al McGlashan fix, I mean report, from last week fishing off Narooma.  Al was also able to enjoy some similar great action to what Richie and team did as previously reported and has the photos to go with it!

With young Locki Nichols (Locki’s father Stu runs the charter boat Big Pig out of Eagle Hawks Neck) on board, they caught one in Sydney heads before heading south to fish the Kink off Montague Island.  And Al said that it was some of the best striped marlin fishing he has ever seen.

On one day they fished for just half an hour to release 2 double hook ups (and then spent the rest of the day jumping in on bait balls). They followed it up the next day with 9 from 10 trolling one bait!

As Locki put it as he reluctantly boarded the plane home, “Well the greatest week of my life has come to a end!!”.  In 4 days of fishing they caught 25 striped and black marlin with Locki accounting for a dozen himself!

No camera jinx on this trip, the footage should be amazing!

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February 21, 2015 at 7:56 pm

Good on ya big al

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