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More Goldy blues and Costa Rica Offshore video recap


Mat Stehmann’s Murphy’s Law was another to get in on the renewed hot Gold Coast bite with a 6-6-3 on blues on Tuesday in glass-out conditions. Mat reports the they were fishing 2up and had a couple of dramas or might have fared better on the conversion rate including busting 2 snap clips after solid hook ups.

Great to see the bite on again as its been a very consistent year. And I saw Lucky Strike’s Capt. Ross McCubbin was another on the fish yesterday with a first blue for Ron from England and some bottom dropping.

Costa Rica Offshore Championships

And Lachlan has put together a full trip recap from his Sunny Coast team at the World Offshore Championships. Sailfish, sailfish and more sailfish.

Sail Fish in Costa Rica from Paddy Dimond on Vimeo.

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