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Garmin Sylvania Marina Shootout results & NSW South Coast


After trailing on Day 1, Capt. Scotty Thorrington’s Freedom fished away from the main fleet to tag 7 on Day 2’s fishing to take the win. 9 from 16 in the two days of fishing, most on 10kg.

Thanks to Nigel for the final wrap-up of numbers which were (from 587 anglers fishing on 128 boats):
– 102 marlin tags (91 black marlin, 7 blue marlin and 4 striped marlin) as well as 1 sailfish
– 2 marlin captures, 2 shark captures

Champion Team 1 Freedom CCGFC 111,500 points
Champion Team 2 Adrenaline NPSGFC 69,000 points
Champion Team 3 The Omen NPSGFC 62,500 points
Champion Team 4 Ningaloo NGFC 56,250 points
Champion Team 5 Billistic NPSGFC 50,000 points C/B
Champion Team 6 Reel Trouble GLGFC 50,000 points C/B
Champion Team 7 Offshore LMGFC 37.500 points on C/B
Champion Team 8 On Strike NPSGFC 37,500 points on C/B
Champion Team 9 Weekend Detention NPSGFC 37,500 points on C/B
Champion Team 10 Hoodlum SGFC 36,500 points
Champion Female Junior Cassie Herbert NPSGFC 37,500 points
Champion Male Junior Kieryn Morley NPSGFC 69,000 points
First marlin Tagged by a Junior Kieryn Morley NPSGFC 20th Feb 8.17am
Heaviest Marlin Min 150 KG Gusher QGFC 165kg Blue marlin on 37 kg
Heaviest Shark Min 350KG Victory 2 LMGFC 433kg Tiger shark on 60kg line
Champion Boat T&R under 8m Adrenaline NPSGFC 69,000 points

Scotty was back out again yesterday adding numbers 70 and 71 for the season before lunch.


Port Hacking GFC

And more fish still on the NSW South Coast with Bruce Rayment’s PHGFC boat Avalon fishing The Banks on Sunday morning going 1-1-1 with a tagged 1.9m short length black marlin to Belinda Rayment on 24kg tackle in sloppy conditions. Bruce says that while some married couples go for coffee on a Sunday morning, some go marlin fishing! (I know we do too!)

And another married couple in on the action yesterday I saw that Chloe (She Fishes) and Tom Lawrence added two blacks as well as two stripes on their little boat fishing yesterday as well!

Photo of Belinda’s fish at top.

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Phil smith
February 23, 2016 at 3:06 pm

Phil smith fishing on reel trouble we were lucky enough to be close to freedom in the last two hrs of the shootout watching Scotty and jr work together was truly a spectacle they are masters of their trade, reminds me that I’m just a brickie

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